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The Billionaire (2011)

Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 124 MenitDilihat: 114 views
1357 voting, rata-rata 7,9 dari 10

Download Film The Billionaire (2011) Subtitle Indonesia – seorang remaja yang semenjak duduk di bangku sekolah sudah ingin menjadi pengusaha muda, hingga dia rela menjual apapun demi mimpinya terwujud dan mampu melunasi hutang keluarganya senilai 40 jt Baht.
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Storyline :
Top Secret: Wai roon pun lan (original title) – What are you doing at his age? Age 16, TOP gained 400,000 Baht monthly from playing online games. Age 17, He was willing to fail school and instead earned money from selling chestnuts for 2,000 baht. Age 18, His family went bankrupt and remained 40 million Baht in debt. Age 19, He released Tao Kae Noi seaweed to more than 3,000 branches at 7-Eleven. At this present, Top is a 26-year-old businessman, the owner of the bestselling seaweed in Thailand. He owns 85 percent of the market share which is equivalent to 800 million Baht a year, and has 2,000 employees in his company. The Billionaire will let you get to know Top Ittipat in details about how he turned himself from an online game addict whom always got disparaged by teachers, to a famous young billionaire. How did he raise himself up to this position? Surely, everyone desires to get rich, yet not everyone dares to succeed like him. Find the answers that have made Top become a billionaire, while you still can.

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