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You Are the Apple of My Eye (2011)

You Are the Apple of My Eye (2011)

Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 105 MenitDilihat: 372 views
8142 voting, rata-rata 7,6 dari 10

Download Film You Are the Apple of My Eye (2011) Subtitle Indonesia – Original Title Na xie nian, wo men yi qi zhui de nv hai bercerita tentang Sekelompok teman dekat yang menghadiri sekolah swasta semua memiliki naksir melemahkan pada murid bintang yang cerah, Shen Jiayi. Satu-satunya anggota kelompok yang mengaku tidak menjadi Ke Jingteng, tetapi dia akhirnya mencintainya juga.
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Storyline :
Adolescence is like a heavy rain. Even though you catch a cold from it, you still look forward to experiencing it once again. Ko-Teng has several close friends who had a crush on Shen Chia-Yi. Those friends of Ko’s thus moved in unison from Ching Chengs junior high school straight into the senior high school division in pursuit of her. Naughty in nature, Ko was ordered by their homeroom teacher to sit in front of honor student Shen for her to keep close tabs on him. The two hadn’t hit it off at first but Ko gradually fell for Shen, who was always pressuring him to study hard. On the other hand, Shen became impressed by the contrasting values Ko represented. Ko started pursuing Shen but Shen remained hesitant.

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